We are relational beings. There is nothing more magical than feeling safe and secure in our bond with our partner. Yet when we can't find the emotional connection we once trusted to always be there we can wind up feeling lost and alone. Deep down we all long to be seen, heard and understood by our partner.

I can offer guidance and support on your journey. Couples therapy will deepen your understanding of the negative patterns that create disconnection. You'll practice ways of soothing your own anxiety and treating each others raw spots with tender respect and compassion. Couples who courageously invest themselves in the process will learn how to move toward each other in ways that heal. Once you each develop trust and faith in your love for each other there is always a safe place to come home to. Together you can strengthen your ability to create your own special language of love and belonging that lasts a lifetime.

My training is in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy developed by Sue Johnson. Research has shown EFT to have the best long term outcomes over other approaches.

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